Imbeke Development Centre is a training site for all community members, with a special focus on young women, especially the school drop outs. It is situated in deep rural western Krenya in Kamuma village in Oyugis, Homabay county. The idea was born out of a community needs assessment report carried out by volunteers in the community whose findings were that most young girls have nothing to do or just decide to get married. This brought about the idea of starting a skills-learning-centre where young women would come to learn various skills in income generating activities to enable them enhance their standards of living and be self reliant.

The Imbeke Centre is an excellent location for holding seminars, workshops, meetings and all kind of trainings and therefore ideal to be used by womengroups, youthgroups, service clubs etc. for their meetings and cultural activities.

The large outdoor area offers the opportunity for activities in the open air.


After Imbeke bought the plot in 2014, the first building with a training hall, office and treatment room was started in 2015. A sanitary block was then added in the same year.


The kitchen with storage was built in 2016-2017. Floors and walls were tiled and the kitchen was fitted with stainless steel tables and racks to ensure optimal hygiene. Running water, gas and electricity are available.
An outdoor kitchen, with wood-saving stoves, was added the following year.


Simultaneously with the classes was also built for the day care of the babies and toddlers of the women who receive an education. The room is furnished with baby cots, a washbasin and children’s furniture.

baby day care
hairdressing and tailoring


At the beginning of 2019, the new classrooms for hairdressing and for tailoring were finished and furnished with furniture and modern appliances. Everything state-of-the-art.


The sanitary block, built in 2016, has separate toilets and showers for men and women.



The water tower was built in 2016. In 2017, a borehole was added to permanently have good water. The water is also made available to the villagers. The district hospital of Oyugis also makes good use of the bore hole in times of water scarcity.


The 225 m2 shade net was installed in 2019 and equipped with drip irrigation and a water tank on one a metal stand.

shade net