School fee program

The school fee program started years before the establisment of the Imbeke trust and may be seen as the predecessor of the current programs. Since 2007 a varying number of secondary school students receive help in paying their school fees and school supplies. Girls students receive a package of sanitary towels every trimester to prevent school absenteeism.

The number of applicants exceeds the financial possibilities of Imbeke, which means that choises have to be made.  That is why an honest research is done into the family circumstances of each student in order to arrive at a fair selection. It should be noted that the student’s intellect is not a criterion so that any student can be considered for selection. Imbeke is happy to welcome sponsors who are willing to contribute to a student’s future. If you are that person, please contact me.

Aid to local schools

Imbeke has a big heart for education. As far as possible, the demand for help from local schools is met. This can be the supply of building materials, school furniture or school books, but also school uniforms, in which our tailoring students can be involved.


aid to the community


Shelter & Water

Over the years, more than 130 houses for people in need have been built or renovated. In an area where water is far away, the houses will have gutters and a water tank. The houses have the traditional dimensions and are built according to the usual construction method. Members of the family, group and community members are involved as much as possible to strengthen the group feeling and mutual solidarity.

The beneficiary also gets 100 tree seedlings to plant on his land as to compensate for the timber used and to raise awareness for the environment.

Home Support

Imbeke has an open door for needy people from the wider area. They will always find a listening ear and a willingness to help. This assistance can consist of delivering food parcels, kitchen supplies, mattresses and bed linen and clothing.

Economic Empowerment

From time to time Imbeke helps individuals and groups in their efforts to develop a business or an agricultural activity. Like building a chicken pen, or distributing all kinds of seeds and fertilizers, or some money to buy the materials needed for their business.